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5 Tips For Maintaining Your Beauty Routine During Divorce · Divorced Moms

Manos Legal Services > Divorce  > 5 Tips For Maintaining Your Beauty Routine During Divorce · Divorced Moms

5 Tips For Maintaining Your Beauty Routine During Divorce · Divorced Moms

Pampering and maintaining your beauty routine during times of adversity minimize the damage done by adversity.

So, everything is set: you’ve had that gruesome talk with your spouse, one of you is moving out, and the divorce process is about to start. No matter how anticipated, no matter how reasonably you view the situation, or even if you part under amicable terms, divorce always hits you like a ton of bricks.

Normally, we neglect almost everything else in our life that’s not divorce-related, including our own bodies. Although you may feel like you’ve been hit by a ton of bricks, putting effort into not look like a walking ball of stress during this time it is crucial to your self-esteem.

Not for the sake of showing your ex what he’s going to miss (although that’s a side benefit), but for the sake of your emotional well-being.

Take care of yourself, ladies during the divorce process so that when you look in the mirror, the person looking back is saying “I’ve got this, let’s do this.”

Pamper Your Hair

It seems that every post-breakup renaissance starts with a haircut; somehow, it feels like the emotional pain and built-up negative energy is cut away along with the hair. Maybe you’re up for a completely new ‘do, but not too fast: think it through and consult with your stylist to make sure you have a mutual understanding of what you want.

Otherwise, you might be disappointed that going blonde or “chopping it all off” is just not giving you the transformation you were hoping for. Here’s an idea for pampering your hair and feeling fresh if you’re still not ready for a dramatic change: get your hair styled by a professional to treat yourself, and make DIY hair masks at home to revive the shine and invest in some “me time”.

Mani-pedi…and a little extra

Well-kept hands and feet can go completely unnoticed, but they still give us that powerful feminine feeling. In short, mani-pedis are a statement: “No, I refuse to neglect myself”. Plus, there’s that satisfying feeling of just looking at your pretty nails. You can do it on your own at home with a trusty manicure set, but it’s always recommended to book an appointment at a nail salon for a true relaxing and pampering experience.

While you’re at it, arrange a spa day with a friend (or your daughter!) and get the whole package, facial included, plus some time in sauna to sweat out all the toxins, emotional as well as physical.

Makeup makeover revitalization

You don’t have to turn your whole makeup routine upside down or start putting on a full face of makeup all of a sudden. But a little experimentation with makeup, adding some new things and eliminating the old, can go a long way to help you get out of a rut and have fun with it.

Maybe you want to finally try fake eyelashes for the fun and glamour of it, get that luxurious cat eye, or experiment with red lipstick. Whatever it is you think might be fun, refreshing, and give you that sexy feeling, now is the time to be daring and try it! Also, go through your makeup bag and see if there’s anything you used to love putting on but neglected for a long time.

Bedtime beauty routine

Yes, you’re exhausted by bedtime, but investing 10 minutes of your time for a little bedtime beauty routine can go a long way toward helping you relax before sleep and feel beautiful the next day. Use aromatherapy oils in your shower or bath. Listen to relaxing music as you step out of the shower and take time to put your favorite lotion on.

Maintain a regular skincare routine each night before bed, and put on a facemask once a week; you can paint your nails or read a book as you wait for it to sit. Keep a lip mask on your nightstand and apply it before going to sleep; that literally takes a second and your lips will be soft and plump the next morning. Bedtime routines are not work; they’re sacred pampering time that you deserve.

A whiff of freshness

Don’t forget the power of smell, for even though you may not know it, your scent is strongly affecting you on a subconscious level. Ditch your old perfume completely; chances are, it carries memories and recollections of your married life (especially if it’s a perfume your ex used to love). Splurge on a new scent you’ll absolutely love (a scented lotion is a cheaper and equally practical option). Make it something airy and refreshing. It will carry the positive energy of your new life.

Lastly, don’t forget to eat well, with plenty of fruits and veggies, for a luminous glow as well as energy to take on each new day. Find an event to go to, even if it’s just cocktails with a friend, strap on those heels, stand up straight and bust out your beauty routine. The beauty of a woman who’s turning a new page is a wonderful sight for strangers and friends alike, and you deserve to see yourself in this new light.

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