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Fun Summer Activities For Divorced Dads

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Fun Summer Activities For Divorced Dads

Divorce is never an easy undertaking. Family bonds feel broken and children are confused. Divorce can strain the relationship kids have with their fathers.
It is important for dads to come up with ideas for activities that allow them to not only have fun, but to stay connected with their children after going through so much change.
Summer is the perfect time for dads and kids to strengthen their bonds while also having fun.
Here are five enjoyable activities divorced dads can partake in with their kids.
Go to a baseball game
Baseball is the ultimate summer sport to watch and a great way for a child to bond with their dad. Whether it’s a ballpark hotdog or some homerun fireworks, there is always something to enjoy.
This can be a relatively inexpensive outing with some cheap upper tier stadium seats and a great view of the stadium. Dads have the opportunity to bond with their kids by teaching them about this old sport. Staying up late and watching your favorite team go into the 10th inning establishes a lifelong memory between a father and their child.
Weekly breakfasts dates
During and after the process of a divorce, a child might have a harder time opening up and communicating how they feel. They are constantly surrounded with change in their developing lives. New routines, new living situations and a change in parenting are a few of the many transitions a child is facing.
Creating a sense of normalness and a routine can be beneficial during this time of change. That is why weekly breakfast dates can be an important activity for a father and child to partake in. This date can be turned into a weekly routine and a way for a child’s life to feel more stable.
Having a conversation over a stack of chocolate chip pancakes and a glass of orange juice creates an outlet for communication which is essential in a kid’s evolving life.
Gameday Coffee is a charity organization dedicated to helping dads build stronger relationships with their kids. The organization is based on the simple premise that small gestures from fathers, such as sharing a cup of coffee, can make a profound impact on the lives of their children.
“It’s quality time,” said Cordell & Cordell CEO Scott Trout. “… That’s something that is not just useful, but intentional and purposeful, and I think that’s part of being a great dad. … It is getting into a routine of an intentional and purposeful relationship with your kid.”

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Go to the water park
Summer and water activities go hand in hand. Waterparks are a nice way for everyone to cool off during the heat-filled months of June through August. Whether you float down the lazy river together or race on the waterslides, these heat-quenching activities allow for some fun memories to be made.
If waterparks are not bountiful venues near you, a trip to the community swimming pool or even fun in the sprinklers are some great alternative options. These fun experiences are a good way to tire out the kids while making lasting memories.
Go to the movies
Coming up with new and exciting activities can be difficult. Sometimes the scorching weather can be too much to handle and deters you from wanting to venture outside. That is why the air-conditioned movie theaters are always an easy activity to partake in. Sitting next to each other in the oversized plush theater seats and sharing a tub of popcorn is fun and relaxing.
If you want to save some money, turning your living room into a home theater is a good option. You can always count on Netflix, On-Demand and Hulu to be stocked with the new and old must-see movies.
Go on a bike ride
No matter what age your child is, a bike ride is always an enjoyable summer adventure to participate in. You and your child have the opportunity to explore different bike trails or urban scenery.
If your kid is too young to ride a bike, there are plenty of other options including bike trailers and rear-mounted child seats. Even teaching your kid how to ride a bike without training wheels is a fun and memorable father-child bonding experience.
If your child is capable of riding on their own, biking on trails or sidewalks are enjoyable adventures to engage in. This exercise-enabling activity not only fosters a bond between a father and child, but a positive memory as well. It is also a great way for you to
It is crucial for dads to maintain a healthy and positive relationship with their children. It can be difficult for a child to communicate and open up about their feelings, but with these five fun summer activities, a dad can have a more hands-on relationship with their children.
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